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This entry is used to define and configure a Web Browser (http/https) session with Opera. It allows you to open an Opera web browser in external mode only, to a site of your choice. It can perform an automatic login on most web sites using the Devolutions Web Login or the Auto Login Embedded mode.


Autofill Login

External Mode

Support Reconnect


Credential Repository

Embedded Mode

Copy Password


The use of the External display mode requires the installation of the Opera Extension on your computer.





1. Open your Opera web browser.


2. Download the Opera Extension in Tools - Extensions Manager


Extensions Manager

Extensions Manager


2. Create a Web Browser session. Click on the Display drop-down menu and select External and then click on the Web browser application drop-down menu and select Opera.


Web Browser Session - Opera

Web Browser Session - Opera


General tab

Opera Web Browser session - General tab

Opera Web Browser session - General tab




Web Browser URL

Enter the website URL to open the web page.

Assign Favicon to Session

Helper utility is used to extract the favicon from the web site, thereby assigning it to the session. This assists in recognizing the proper entry in a large list.


Forces the web page to go over HTTPS.

Web Browser Application

Allows you to choose you preferred Internet browser. Select between:

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome

Apple Safari


Microsoft Edge

Default: This setting means that the computer default browser will be used.


Allows you to use predefined templates to connect to several common websites.


Login tab

When using the External mode the Autofill and Html Control ID tabs will be disabled. Enter your Username, Password and Domain (if necessary) for the information to automatically be filled in the web page.


Opera Web Browser session - Login tab

Opera Web Browser session - Login tab


Browser Extensions

Your session must be checked as Enable web browser extension link for the auto fill feature to work. This is used in conjunction with the web browser extension. Please consult Devolutions Web Login topic for more information.


Opera Web Browser session - Browser Extensions tab

Opera Web Browser session - Browser Extensions tab



Opera Web Browser session - Advanced tab

Opera Web Browser session - Advanced tab




Automatic refresh

Enable the regular refresh of the page.


Allows you to personalize the frequency of the refresh.

Refresh once after delay

Delay that occurs after almost every action in Remote Desktop Manager before the currently selected mode is queried to display information in various tabs. Adjust this to adapt to your environment.