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VPN Entry is used to configure a VPN. One VPN entry can be linked to multiple sessions. See Configuring a VPN for multiple sessions to see the step-by-step guide.

VPNs and access to your data source

Many organizations configure their devices to channel ALL traffic through the VPN. This may break the connection to your data source. When you are subject to this constraint, it is best to enable the Offline Mode in Data Source Settings (System Settings), then configure the VPN options to automatically Go offline on connection.

For more information on how to manage VPN, please consult VPN Management topic.

Supported VPNs

There are multiple VPN entries already included in Remote Desktop Manager and many more are available through add-ons. Please consult VPN Add-ons for more information.

Supported VPNs include:

Apple VPN


Microsoft VPN

Sonicwall VPN


And more!


Entry - VPN

Entry - VPN


Go Offline on connection and Go Online on disconnect

The Go Offline on connection and Go Online on disconnect options are essential when all traffic is tunneled through the VPN and you lose connection to the data source. The data source must be configured to allow for Offline availability.



Go Offline on connection

The session goes offline once connected to the VPN.

Go Online on disconnect

The session goes back online once disconnected from the VPN.

Use adapter to detect connection

Use the adapter to detect the VPN connection.

Close connection after

Close the VPN connection after the number of minutes indicated.

Detect reachable host in wait

Automatically close the VPN wait dialog when the host is reachable.

After Execute Wait

You can adjust the time Remote Desktop Manager waits for the VPN to open.

In the sec box, enter the a time in seconds.

-1 sec is the default time (5 seconds). Change the default time for all VPN entries in File Options – Types – VPN – VPN default pause


In VPN properties – Advanced Tab, you can add commands. With custom commands you can execute any command after the VPN connects and/or before VPN disconnect.