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Tray icon


Remote Desktop Manager allows the user to control the application from the Windows system tray. You can also customize its content.

Tray Icon Context Menu

Right-click on the Windows tray menu bar to access the context menu. You can launch sessions, change data source, use the Quick Connect feature, and more.

Tray Icon Context Menu

Tray Icon Context Menu



Sessions List

Displays the sessions from the current data source. Sessions are listed by default. It is possible to show only those marked as favorites.


Refreshes the data source.

Opened Sessions

Lists all the currently open sessions.


Lists the Most Recently Used Entries.

Play List

Allows the user to launch a Play List from the tray icon.

Data Sources

Lists the available Data sources and allows the user to switch from one to another. This section appears only if enabled and more than one data source is configured.


Lists all the configured tools.

Quick Connect

Prompts for the Quick Connect dialog to open an add-hoc connection with a specific type, or a selected template.


Launches the Search/Filter feature.


Restores the application to full screen.


Restores the application from minimize.


Minimizes the application in the task bar.


Closes the application.

Tray Icon Preferences

The application options contain many settings that allows for customizing the system tray icon preferences. To change these, Navigate to File – Options – User Interface – Trayicon/Taskbar.