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Report Usage Log



Generate a report containing information about session activity.


This feature requires an Advanced Data Source.





You can choose to run your report based on different parameters: date, session duration, username, message, folder, machine name, on open comment or on close comment.


Activity Logs Report

Activity Logs Report


Click More to Export Settings or Copy the Report ID.


Activity Logs Report - Export File Type

Activity Logs Report - Export File Type

The Activity Logs Report is exported in four file formats: csv, html, xls, and xml.


Activity Logs Report


An example of an Activity Logs Report:


Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Activity Logs Reports include the following information:


Connection (entry name)

Message (activity performed)

On Open Comment

On Close Comment

Log Date (When the session was opened)

End Date/Time

Active Time



Database User


Connection Type




Refresh the information in the report.

Save the activity logs report as an html or txt file.

Export the report as a csv, html, xls, or xml file.

Print the activity logs report.