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Spotlight On...


This video category is destined to contain a number of short tutorials that provide information on more specific aspects or features of Remote Desktop Manager.

Ultimately, all longer videos will be replaced by a series of Spotlight on... tutorials.

Our Getting Started topic contains a sequence of steps to follow to go through the initial setup under various conditions. Please refer to it for the best sequence for your environment.




Batch Edit

Change the settings of multiple sessions in one operation. For example, it can be used to remove or update all of the credentials of a group of sessions.

Host and Templates

A host is used to define and configure a generic host session that could be used as the parent for others. You can define a subset of templates to apply at the execution.

Offline Mode

The offline mode allows you to connect to a read/write copy of the data source when the live database is unavailable. It can be used when a user is working from a disconnected network or when there is any kind of connectivity issue to the data source.

Simplified Security

Learn how to create roles and permissions for a granular protection system using our Role Based Security System.

User Interface

Learn how to manipulate the user interface elements of Remote Desktop Manager and adapt it according to your preferences.

Execute Report through Command Line

Learn how to execute and export same reports multiple times by exporting reports through a command line.