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Getting Started


Getting Started videos present a step-by-step sequence to start using a product. They differ from our "Spotlight On..." series in that they are targeted on significant feature of the product, rather than on a piece of a whole.





Learn how to perform the setup for the integration of KeePass with Remote Desktop Manager


Learn how to use your own LastPass account to manage passwords in Remote Desktop Manager.

Remote Desktop Manager Jump

Learn how to perform the initial setup for allowing usage of Remote Desktop Manager Jump to connect to remote devices through a jump host.

Simplified Security

Learn how to create roles and permissions for a granular protection system using our Role Based Security System.

Remote Desktop Manager Step 1: Register your Data Source

Upon first launch learn how to create your first data source and your first database.

Remote Desktop Manager Step 2 Options for Team Environment

Learn how to set up your options to make your environment more fitting for teams.

Remote Desktop Manager Step 3: Default Settings

Taking a quick look at our options and what are the best default settings for your team environment before creating your entries.

Remote Desktop Manager Step 4: Getting Set Up

Learn how to create a folder structure that reflects your organization using Remote Desktop Manager best practices.

Remote Desktop Manager Step 5:

How to create your entries

Learn how to create and manage your entries and also taking a quick look at Security Group Management.

Devolutions Password Server

Learn how to create and set up your Devolutions Password Server.

Devolutions Online Database

Learn how to can create your Devolutions Account and get started setting up your Online Database.