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Secret Server


Testing procedure with Powershell

Here is a script that you can use to test your access from a client workstation.

Save the following code in a file called searchsecret.ps1.

Change the script as needed to match your Secret Server and username/password/domain.

Change the $searchterm to match your search.

This will allow you to test the connectivity between your workstation and your Secret Server server.

$url = 'http://mysecretserver/webservices/sswebservice.asmx'

$username = 'myusername'

$password = 'mypassword'

$domain = 'mydomain'   # leave blank for local users


$searchterm = 'VPN'

$proxy = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $url -UseDefaultCredential


# get a token for further use by authenticating using username/password

$result1 = $proxy.Authenticate($username, $password, '', $domain)

if ($result1.Errors.length -gt 0){





$token = $result1.Token



# search secrets with our searchterm (authenticate by passing in our token)

Write-Host 'Searching for: ' $searchterm

$result2 = $proxy.SearchSecrets($token, $searchterm,$null,$null)

if ($result2.Errors.length -gt 0){





Write-Host 'Got search results: ' $result2.SecretSummaries.length


# If you want the data as XML

# $xml = convertto-xml $result2.SecretSummaries -As string -Depth 20

# $xml


$result2.SecretSummaries | ForEach-Object { Write-Host 'SecretId:' $_.SecretId '  Name:' $_.SecretName  ' FolderId:' $_.FolderId }


# if ($result2.SecretSummaries.length -gt 0) {

# $result2.SecretSummaries[0]

# }