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User Interface

The ribbon has been hidden and I don't know how to make it visible


You have two options: Use the Alt + F11 shortcut or using the system menu of the application you can check the "Top Pane" command. Please see Top Pane for more information.


The tree view has disappeared from the Navigation Pane


The Navigation Pane can be displayed in many modes. You can select the tree view with View Vault Tree View or use the default shortcut F7.


View - Vault Menu

View - Vault Menu


The main form layout is broken


Use the Reset Layout option to revert back to the default UI layout in the Window tab.


Reset Layout Button

Reset Layout Button


The reset layout might not resolve all the issues. Close the application and delete the layout files (*.lyt) in %LocalAppData%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager to completely restore the layout.


The quick access toolbar needs to be reset


Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar


To reset the quick access toolbar, close the application and delete the file remotedesktopmanager.qtb in %LocalAppData%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager


The Navigation Pane displays only my favorites


Only your favorites are displayed, the root node is also entitled "Favorites".



You may have inadvertently enabled a filter. Click on the ellipsis button of the search filter box and deselect the Show Only Favorites menu item. Simply Vault or whichever view you expected at the bottom of the pane.