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Microsoft RDP Troubleshooting

The Microsoft RDP client is not working properly

Please consult our Corrupted System File topic.

Automatic Logon

Automatic logon troubleshooting is in the Automatic Logon topic.

Sessions work using mstsc.exe but not in Remote Desktop Manager

Please consult Sessions work using mstsc.exe but not in RDM.


“Cannot copy <FileName>: Windows cannot find ‘%1!|s!’. Check the spelling and try again, or try searching for the item by clicking the Start button and clicking search”

This is a bug in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. The workaround is to enable the Smart Card even if it's not required for the connection.


I receive an error when I try and get session details, or when I execute a logoff with an RDP session. How do I fix this?

Please read the information Logoff Access Denied.

Screen areas unresponsive in embedded sessions.

This most often occurs on systems that use a DPI setting of more than 100%. To disable scaling in RDM you must adjust the compatibility settings on the Windows shortcut for RDM.


1.Right-click on the shortcut to RDM.

2.Select Properties.

3.Go to the "Compatibility" tab.

4.Check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings".


Compatibility Tab

Compatibility Tab

I have multiple sessions to the same computer with different credentials, but it always uses the last one I entered.

This issue stems from the fact that the Windows Credential repository holds only one entry per Windows user for a remote computer. If you use the Embedded (tabbed) display mode and store the password in the database, you'll be able to work around that limitation.


The Windows shortcuts are being performed in the session but always on my computer.

You must configure the Keyboard setting in the Local Resources tab of the session settings. You can select "On the remote computer" or "In full screen only" according to your personal preferences.


Local Resources Tab

Local Resources Tab


Copy/paste between a remote session and my local computer stopped working

This issue arises when a program called RDPClip becomes unstable. You can kill its process and launch a new instance.

1.On the affected system, load up task manager (right click in taskbar and select Task Manager).

2.Go to the Processes Tab.

3.Select rdpclip.exe.

4.Click End Process.

5.Go to the Application Tab.

6.Click New Process.

7.Type rdpclip.

8.Click Ok.

Copy/paste operation WITHIN THE REMOTE HOST are extremely slow

As strange as it may seem, we've isolated the issue to "Serial Ports" being enabled. Turn off Serial port sharing and see if the performance is improved.

Log on username on Windows Server 2012 is sent incorrectly

When you try to connect to a Windows Server 2012, you see the following result below. There are several spaces that shouldn't be there.

Windows Server 2012 Log In

Windows Server 2012 Log In

To fix this issue, go in Properties General Advanced and change the option Enable CredSSP support to True.

RDP Session Advanced Tab

RDP Session Advanced Tab