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Microsoft VPN


These types of VPNs can use either the RASDIAL or RASPHONE applications for establishing the connection. Please consult Microsoft's article on their differences and usage.

You can refer to this Microsoft TechNet article for more information on RASDIAL:

For specific errors, consult the ISSUES section below.


Sometimes you need to accept a message or make a choice upon first use, but that typically occurs only the first time. Sadly this makes running the command manually once mandatory on all machines.

If you have elected to store the PBK in Remote Desktop Manager, we simply extract it to %TMP%\RDM upon usage. After trying to establish a connection once, you should see your phonebook in that folder, is it present?

By default, it uses RASDIAL, what happens if you run the following at the command prompt?

rasdial <connectionname> <username> <password> /phonebook:<phonebookpath>

or if the Use rasphone (ConnectionManager Administrator Kit) option is checked, it will use RASPHONE. What happens if you run the following at the command prompt?

rasphone -d <connectionname> -f <phonebookpath>


Remote Access error 623

Remote Access Error 623

Remote Access Error 623

Ensure that within the phonebook, the vpn definition name does contain a space character.

Password with quotation marks

Quotation mark (") is not a valid character and should not be used in the password of a Microsoft VPN entry.