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Hung Remote Desktop Manager Dump file creation


Follow this procedure ONLY when guided by a Devolutions support specialist.

There are no guarantees the we can identify the issue, but following this procedure may guide Devolutions towards identifying the root cause.

Please refrain from sending more than two dump files. We will simply not be able to analyze all of them.


Ad-hoc method

Perform this only when the application becomes unresponsive, meaning that it stops refreshing its screen and that the operating system adds the Unresponsive label in its title bar.

1.Launch the Task Manager.

2.Identify Remote Desktop Manager in the Apps list.

3.Right-click and choose Create dump file.

4.This will generate a file that cannot be transferred by email. There are multiple free online services to send large files, please contact us if you need a suggestion for such a service.

Using the procdump utility

The following procedure makes use of a tool offered by Microsoft's Technet, namely the Sysinternals suite. The tool that we need is procdump. It is easier because the tool will monitor the application and create a dump file automatically.

Create a batch file containing a command such as:

{TOOLS_PATH\procdump.exe -e -h -ma -g -x {DUMP_PATH} "{INSTALL_PATH}\RemoteDesktopManager.exe"

If the application becomes unresponsive, the tool will handle everything. Simply locate the dump file and send it to us.