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Add-on Manager



The Add-on Manager is available in the Tools - Add-on Manager menu. It is used to simplify the management and the installation of different add-ons. It lists all of the add-ons that are supported by the current version of the application.


Tools - Add-on Manager

Tools - Add-on Manager


Add-ons are used to extend the application. They are developed by using the Remote Desktop Manager SDK. There are multiple types of add-ons:


Application tool add-ons

Data source add-ons

Import add-ons (Filezilla, SecureCRT, etc.)

Session tools add-ons (remote shutdown, whois...)

Session type add-ons (Java Web Start, SQL Management Studio, etc.)

VPN add-ons (OpenVPN, Nortel VPN, etc.)

Data entry add-ons


You can find the list here and download them directly from our website.




The add-ons are classified by category (session, import, data source, etc.) and can be sorted according to their current status (available, outdated, uninstalled).


If the add-on doesn't require any special third party library, the manager will deploy it automatically after clicking on the install button and a restart of the application will be required. The same procedure and limitation applies when uninstalling an add-on.


Add-On Manager

Add-On Manager


The first column of the grid contains an icon indicating the state of the add-on.





Blank (empty column)


The Add-on is available but not installed.

Yellow Exclamation point

The Add-on is installed but is outdated.

Green Check-mark

The Add-on is installed and is up-to-date.

Blue Flag

This Add-on hasn't been installed but a new version of this Add-on is available for installation.

Yellow Flag

This is a newly available Add-on that hasn't been installed yet.


Action buttons


The visibility of the action buttons available on the form is toggled depending on the context. There are three buttons as follows.


Action buttons

Action buttons




Reinstall Add-On

Reinstall the add-on after getting a confirmation from the user. An application restart will be required.

Uninstall Add-On

Uninstalls the add-on after getting a confirmation from the user. An application restart will be required.

Manual Installation

Select to manually install the Add-On.


Manual Installation

1.Click on the Manual Installation button, the following dialog will appear:


Manual Installation Dialog 

Manual Installation Dialog


2.The Open Application Folder option open a Windows Explorer in the proper folder for your installation. The Download the Zip option will launch the zip archive download.


3.If you have selected the Download the Zip option; unzip all files in the installation folder.


4.Restart Remote Desktop Manager.


5.Create a new session with the newly installed add-on type or use it if it's a custom tool or an import dialog.




If you can't see the add-on in the session type list please verify that it is loaded in the About box, which is available from Help - About menu. Also verify that the .dll file is in the Remote Desktop Manager folder.


Some add-ons are supported directly by Devolutions and some others are developed by third parties. More information can be found in the Add-On forum.