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Running a Tool as Another User



Most of us use many different credentials. Be it a mobile warrior, a sysadmin that follows best practices and doesn't log on to his computer using his domain admin account, or even a safety conscious parent that creates limited accounts for the kids on the family computer. This requires the capability of starting an application under a different set of credentials while we are already logged on using our main credentials.


The problem is solved by using the Windows RunAs command.


The RunAs command requires that the Secondary Logon service be running.




In Windows you can manually start any process as a different user using SHIFT + right-click to get the context menu.


SHIFT + right-click popup menu


The RunAs command has many parameters to change its behaviour, we wont cover them all here, but if you have an advanced scenario we suggest you consult the Windows help.




You have two options when it comes to Run As:


Built-In Run As

In Remote Desktop Manager, some sessions/tools types support the Run As functionality. For a complete list and configuration information see the Built-In Run As help topic.


Manual Run As

Your session type is not supported and need help to manually configure Run As? See the Manual Run As help topic.