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Automating Remote Microsoft Management Console (MMC)



You can configure a MMC Snap-In console to run on any of your servers. The Snap-In need to support remote access.




1.Create the session tool via New Entry - Add Macro/Script/Tool

2.Select Command Line

3.Name the session DHCP

4.Type the following in the Run field: dhcpmgmt.msc /ComputerName $HOST$ ($HOST$ is the variable that will be replaced by the server name or IP address)

DHCP Macro/Script/Tool

DHCP Macro/Script/Tool

5.Select Run as Administrator in the Execution Mode tab

If you are running a Windows 64bit edition, you would need to enable the Run in 64-bit mode option in the Execution Mode tab.


6.Click OK to save your entry

7.Now, you would need to verify that your sessions use the appropriate credential to run the tool. In the Tools section of each sessions, make sure you’ve selected the proper credentials to be supplied:

Tools section

Tools section




Use default credentials

Use the credentials from the Windows session

Use session credentials

Use the same credentials as the session

Use custom credentials

Use the Username, Password and Domain specify

Use credential repository

Specify a set of credentials from the repository

Use my personal credentials

Use My Personal Credentials

Specify at execution

Specify the credential to use at the execution of the tool


To run the Snap-In, select your session and execute the tool from the dashboard.