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Comma Separated Values Synchronizer



The Comma Separated Values type allows you to have entries created automatically based on the content of a CSV file. This allows you to maintain a list of devices generated by a manual or automated process, then either let this entry synchronize automatically, manually, or even using a command line.


For a discussion on the CSV file format and the impact of decisions made in this entry, please consult Import Strategies and file format





CSV Synchronizer - General tab

CSV Synchronizer - General tab




Synchronize Automatically

Checking this option will result in the synchronization to occur after every data source refresh. If you prefer, you can run it manually by simply "opening" this entry. An alternate method would be to go in the advanced tab of this entry, and using the indicated Command line to schedule a recurring task.

File Path

Path of the CSV file.


Template applied to ALL entries created from this Synchronizer object. If you need finer control, you must set the template name in the CSV file itself. This is covered in Import Strategies and file format

Destination Group

Destination Folder where the entries will be created. Any Group defined in the CSV file will be created below what you specify here. You can type an arbitrary group name, or select an existing group using the ellipsis button.

Duplicate check

Duplicate entries are normally not created when the Root value is chosen. If you prefer, you can choose Destination Group so duplicate entries are only validated in that group.

Silent mode

Will prevent the summary being displayed after the operation. Helpful when you use this synchronizer in an automated fashion.



CSV Synchronizer - Advanced tab

CSV Synchronizer - Advanced tab




Action on entry mismatch

Choose the action to be executed when there is a mismatch between the entries:

None: no action will be taken on the mismatch entry

Delete: the mismatch entry will be deleted

Move to: move the mismatch entry to a designated folder