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SQL Server Management Studio Add-On


This entry is used to define and configure an "SQL Server Management Studio" session. This allows you to launch and perform authentication to an instance. Optionally you can select a database, as well as open a script in the editor. SQL Server Management Studio is primarily a GUI tool, if you need to run commands and exit automatically, you should look at the SQLCMD tool that comes with the Sql Server utilities.

The SQL Server Management Studio entry type is available when the SQL Server Management Studio Add-on is installed.


SQL Server Management Studio




Indicate the full instance name. When a default instance as been used, normally you can put only the server name here


Used to indicate to select a database upon login.

Integrated Security (Active Directory)

Indicates to use your windows credentials to authenticate on the server.

Run as different user (Integrated security only)

Use a different user to authenticate on the server.

Net Only (Integrated security only)

Use to make connections that are made from computers that are not on the customer's domain.


When using Sql Server authentication, username to use.


When using Sql Server authentication, password to use.

Default query file (Optional)

Specifies a file that will be opened in the editor. Please see note below

Show splash screen

Indicates to let Sql Server Management Studio display its splash screen.


On some systems, specifying a file to open in the editor has the side effect of preventing the Object Explorer from being connected. This renders the add-on useful only for when you want to run the script and exit soon after. If you need to use the Object Explorer do not specify a script file.

SQL Server Management Studio