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Log Details



Right-click on a log entry to display the Log Details contextual menu.


Log details contextual menu

Log details contextual menu






Focus Session

Set the focus on the corresponding entry in the navigation pane.

View Details

Display the detailed information about the log entry.

View On Open Comment

Display the Open comment.

View On Close Comment

Display the Close comment.

Edit Notes...

Edit the notes of the log entry.

Flag as Closed

Force the status to Closed. Enabled only for open entries.


Refresh the entry's logs.

Export to CSV

Export the content of the grid to a Csv file.

Export to Html

Export the content of the grid to a Html file.

Export to Xls

Export the content of the grid to a Xls file.

Export to Xml

Export the content of the grid to a Xml file.


View Details window


The View Details window has three tabs: General, Details and Comments.


General Tab

The General tab displays session information to identify the entry and also displays the session running time. Notes can be entered using the contextual menu in the log entry grid.


Log Entry - General tab

Log Entry - General tab


Details tab

The Details tab display information on the User and computer from which the session was started, and on the destination host. It also displays information if the session was forcibly closed using the Close menu.


Log Entry - Details tab

Log Entry - Details tab


Comments tab

The Comments tab displays the On Open comment and On Close comment.


Log Entry - Comments

Log Entry - Comments