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The Contact tab allows you to enter some contact information for the given entry. It is very useful when managing a third party server and it is also possible to link the entry to an existing contact.




Information - Contact

Information - Contact


Contact mode

Select your contact mode between:


Default: Enter the contact information directly in the entry.

Reference: Associate a contact to a contact entry. The contact information will be displayed in read-only.


View Map

Enter the complete contact address and the button will show you the location in Google Maps.


Email Contact

Enter the contact email address and click the button to directly open your default mail application with his email.


Call (Skype)

Enter Skype contact username and click button to directly contact the person via Skype.


Open website

Enter the contact website and click the button to go directly to it.




When using the Search/Filter from the Navigation Pane, most information found in the Contact tab can be used as a search criteria.


Search - Contact Information

Search - Contact Information


Please refer to Contact for more information.