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Entry Types Permissions Settings


Access to entries is managed by permissions set on those entries. Combined together, permissions create a strong layer of security to prevent unwanted access by users of the data source. This system provide a large collection of permissions to choose from, providing great flexibility in access management.

Security Groups have been deprecated, but are still available for reference purposes. Do not use security groups and role-based access control at the same time.


Possible values

There are four possible values that define how permissions are granted:

Inherited: Inherit the permission from parent folders.

Custom: Specify which users/roles that have permission. Click Select roles or users to define who has permissions.

Everyone: Grant the permission to every user.

Never: Block the permission for every user, except administrators.

For examples on using permissions, please consult the Role Based Access Control topics.

Permissions - General

Permissions - General

Security Groups

Security groups are a legacy method of controlling access. We strongly recommend using the role-based access control instead.

Security groups were used to protect sessions from a subset of system users. Assign your entry to a security group then control who has access to it and how much control they have on the entry.