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General Credentials



The Credentials drop down list defines how and where the entry will get its credentials. For more information on Credential Management for teams, please follow this link.










Credentials are saved within the entry.

Credential repository

Use a linked Credential Entry in Remote Desktop Manager; you could use external credentials like KeePass for example. Very useful for sharing or reusing credentials among entries. See Credential redirection for more information.


The session has its own credential entry embedded in it, which can be external like KeePass for example. The embedded credential can't be shared among other entries.


The entry uses the credentials of it's parent entry or group folder.

My Personal Credentials

This allows you to use one set of credentials to replace or emulate the ones from your Windows session.


No credential will be define for the entry, you will be prompted for credentials every time you connect.

Private Vault search

Search your Private Vault to find your credential


There are other possibilities when using Specific Settings. These are in a layer "above" that allow for overriding some settings of the entries. Those are the primary means of using Credentials that are stored in the Private Vault.