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Web Browser (HTTP/HTTPS)



This entry is used to define and configure a Web Browser (http/https) session. It allows for browsing any websites, externally or embedded. More importantly, with the Devolutions Web Login or the Auto Login in embedded display mode, browser sessions can perform automatic log in to most web sites.


Auto Log in

Embedded Display Mode

Copy Password


Credential Repository

External Display Mode

Support Logging


Show Opened Session

Undocked Display Mode


Configuration walkthrough


Please consult this presentation for the proper sequence of steps to achieve a high success rate for the auto-filling of credentials.


Web Browser (HTTP/HTTPS) Auto-Login


Supported browsers


The Web Browsers currently supported by Remote Desktop Manager are listed below. Please consult the following topics for these browsers respective settings.



Google Chrome

Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge





The display setting affects the content of the tabs since it changes the manner in which the browser is launched.


Web Browser Session - Display Mode

Web Browser Session - Display Mode





Opens the web browser window embedded in Remote Desktop Manager. This display mode allows for using the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.


Launches the web browser application externally. This display mode allows for using the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge web browsers. The Default web browser option uses default web browser configured in Windows.


Opens the browser in an undocked window. A new window is opened to contain the tabbed session allowing to move the session independently of Remote Desktop Manager.