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TeamViewer offers Internet-based remote access and support. It can connect to any computer or server so you can remotely control another computer.


This entry is used to define and configure a TeamViewer session.


Auto Login

Copy Password

Credential Repository


External Mode

Show Opened Session

Support Logging




TeamViewer - General

TeamViewer - General





Insert the TeamViewer ID of the remote computer.


Insert the TeamViewer password of the remote computer.

View / Hide Password

Click on the view icon to view your password.

Click on the hide icon to hide your password.

Password Generator

Click on the icon to display the Password Generator.

Password Analyzer

Indicates the strength of the password.

Always ask for password

Check this option to be prompted for the password upon every usage of this entry. It also has the effect of preventing the password from being specified.

Start with

Decide in which mode you wish to start your TeamViewer session between:

Remote Support


File transfer


Choose on connection

Wait time

Enter the waiting time before the connection is established.


For more information about TeamViewer please consult their online help.