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SQL Server Management Studio



This entry is used to define and configure a SQL Server Management Studio session.


Auto Login

Built in

Copy Password


Credential Repository

Embedded Mode

Show Opened Session


Support Logging




SQL Server Management Studio - General tab

SQL Server Management Studio - General tab





Enter the full instance name. If a default instance has been used, you could just enter the server name.


Enter the SQL database you wish to connect upon login (optional).

Integrated security

Enable this option if you wish to use Active Directory.

Run as different user

If using Integrated security you have the option of running your session as a different user.

Net Only

If you are sending a command line from a computer that is not on the domain to a computer that is on the domain, enable the Net Only setting for credentials of the Running As to be sent to the computer on the domain for authentication.


Enter the username for the SQL Server Authentication.


Enter the password for the SQL Server Authentication.

Default query file

Specify the file to be opened in the editor. Please see Add-On documentation for more information.

Show splash screen

Enable SQL Server Management Studio to display its splash screen.


If choosing Run as different user you will have to specify which credentials to use when starting with Run As.


Run as options

Run as options





Will not be able to run your session as a different user.

Use session credentials

Use the same credentials as the ones defined in the session

Use custom credentials

Use specified custom credentials to be defined in the username, password and domain fields.

Use credentials repository

Use a link to an already existing credential entry.

Use my personal credentials

Use a link to your private credentials entry.