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ScreenConnect offers lightning-fast remote support and remote access to connect and solve problems faster.

This entry is used to define and configure a ScreenConnect session.


Auto Login

Copy Password

Show Opened Session


External Mode

Show Opened Session

Support Logging

Consult the How-to Configure ScreenConnect 5 in Remote Desktop Manager topic if you want to configure a ScreenConnect 5 session.

To use version 2.3 of the ScreenConnect extension, you must have Remote Desktop Manager version or above.



Screenconnect - General

Screenconnect - General




Enter the name or IP address of the ScreenConnect server. You also need to specify the port.


Enter the username of the ScreenConnect server.


Enter the password of the ScreenConnect server.

Password Analyzer

Indicates the strength of the password.

Always ask password

Always ask password when connecting to ScreenConnect server.

Use One Time Password

Uses the OTP setting.

Session name

Select or enter the machine name or session name to connect.

Always prompt for session name

With this option the system will ask you which session you wish to start each time you open the session.

Use session name as filter

Use the session name as a filter to reduce choices.

Connection type

Specify the connection type. Select between:



Auto create

If the sessions doesn't exist it will be created with these settings.

Session group

Specify the session group. Select between:

User Sessions


Session type

Specify the session type. Select between:


Secure Code

On invitation only

Secure code

Specify the secure code to use. Only available when the Session Code session type is selected.

Invitation Emails

Screenconnect - Invitation emails

Screenconnect - Invitation emails



Invitation Emails

An invitation email will be sent at the session opening for each email in the list. One email per line needs to be enter.


Screenconnect - Advanced

Screenconnect - Advanced




Select the version of ScreenConnect that you want to use in the application.

Default: Use the default version of ScreenConnect that you have set in File - Options- Types - ScreenConnect.

Version 4.x and lower: Use the version 4 and lower of ScreenConnect.

Extension (Version 5 or higher): You need to install the extension from the ScreenConnect browser extension to use this version of ScreenConnect.

User display name

With this setting you can decide whether you want to display your windows username or data source username.