Hyper-V RDP



You can connect to a Hyper-V instance using RDP through the Hyper-V server. There is no need to enable RDP on the Hyper-V instance, because Remote Desktop Manager features two levels of authentication.


Auto login to the Hyper-V instance is not supported.


The credentials provided are for the Hyper-V server (not the instance).




Hyper-V RDP session

Hyper-V RDP session


Create a new RDP session on the Hyper-V server. Input your login credentials prior to selecting the Hyper-V instance.


The Hyper-V enhanced sessions mode is supported in Remote Desktop Manager.


The Hyper-V session support the Hyper-V v2 with a Windows Server 2012 R2 destination.


Enhanced Session mode


Enhanced session mode allows redirection of local devices and resources from computers running Virtual Machine Connection.


Enhanced session mode provides the following capabilities:


Display Configuration

Audio redirection

Printer redirection

Full clipboard support (improved over limited prior-generation clipboard support)

Smart Card support

USB Device redirection

Drive redirection

Redirection for supported Plug and Play devices


You don’t need a network connection to the Virtual Machine session like you would with RDP.




Try using Hyper-V Tools for Remote Administration: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc794756.aspx