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Microsoft OneDrive Explorer


This entry is used to define and configure a Microsoft OneDrive Explorer session. Microsoft OneDrive Explorer allows to perform everyday operations with documents stored in Microsoft OneDrive using the Windows Explorer, as if the files were on the local computer.

To configure an OneDrive for Business session, please consult the OneDrive for Business topic.


OneDrive Explorer - General Tab

OneDrive Explorer - General Tab




Microsoft Account

Enter the email of the Microsoft Account used to access OneDrive.


Enter the password of the Microsoft account used to access OneDrive.

Password Analyzer

Indicates the strength of the password.

Always ask password

Always prompt for the password when the session is launched.

OneDrive type

Select your OneDrive type. Select between:



Account Status

This label will tell you whether or not the entry is validated and ready for use.

Validate OneDrive

You can use this toggle on and off the validation of the entry.

Default Directory

Enter the default directory to access OneDrive.

Auto accept API permissions

Automatically accept the API permission. If not enabled you will have to accept the API permission manually when asked to.

Show files in tree view

Display the storage files in the session tree view (display using hierarchy).


OneDrive Explorer - Advanced Tab

OneDrive Explorer - Advanced Tab



Show local files

Show local files in the left pane of the session.

Local path

Enter the default local file path to open in the local file pane.