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Intel® AMT (KVM)



This entry is used to define and configure an Intel® AMT (KVM) session.


Auto Login

Built in

Copy Password


Credential Repository

Embedded Mode

Support Host


Multi Monitor Support

Show Opened Session

Support AfterDisconnectEvent





Intel AMT - General

Intel AMT - General





VNC application

Select the VNC application that you wish to use to connect to your Intel AMT (KVM). For now, only UltraVNC is available.


Enter the Host name or IP address.


Choose your preferred Intel AMT KVM redirection from the list:


No redirection (legacy)

Intel AMD Redirection /TCP (16994)

Intel AMD Redirection /TLS (16995)



Intel AMT - Settings

Intel AMT - Settings





Enter the username to connect to the Intel® AMT (KVM) session.


Enter the password to connect to the Intel® AMT (KVM) session.


The viewer window is automatically scaled to fit the size of your local screen.

Color depth

Select the display color depth for the remote computer between:

True color

256 colors

64 colors

8 colors

8 bit color

8 grey color (32 bits color screen resolution)

4 grey color (32 bits color screen resolution)

2 grey color (32 bits color screen resolution)

View only (input ignored)

If enabled no keyboard or mouse events are sent from the viewer to the server. The server screen can only be viewed, but not controlled.

Request shared session

This allows several clients share the same VNC session. If this option isn't set, only one client can be connected to the same Server. If a new "non-shared" client is connected, existing clients are disconnected, or new connection is dropped, depending on the server's configuration.

Show status window

Show the status window.

Disable clipboard transfer

Disable the clipboard sharing.

Other parameters

Define any other parameters you wish to use.



Intel AMT - Advanced

Intel AMT - Advanced




Mouse cursor

Track remote cursor locally

Let remote server deal with mouse cursor

Don't show remote cursor

Emulate 3 buttons (with 2-button click)

Will copy three buttons with a 2 button click

Swap mouse buttons 2 and 3

Will switch your mouse buttons 2 and 3.

Preferred encoding

From less bandwidth use to the most use of bandwidth:

Zlib 16 gray (black and white)

Zlib halftone (black and white)

Zlib thousands (in color)

Zlib (you can choose your custom compression level)

Defautl (colour)

Custom compression level

Option available only when choosing the Preferred encoding Zlib.

JPEG compression level

For information value only.

DSM Filename

If you choose to use a DSM plug-in for your connection, you can choose between:

MSRC4 plugin