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DameWare Mini Remote Control



DameWare Mini Remote Control is used to remotely connect to computers and servers.


This entry is used to define and configure a Citrix Web session.


Auto Login (embedded mode only)

Copy Password

Credential Repository


Embedded Mode

External Mode

Show Opened Session





DameWare Mini Remote Control - General

DameWare Mini Remote Control - General





Enter the host name to connect.

Ellipsis button

Provides the list of computers discovered on your network. This can take a few moments to generate.


Click on the link to modify the port number. Set the port to 0 to use the default port.

Port generator

Click on the icon to display the Port Generator.

Shared secret

Allow a Mini Remote Control user to predefine an additional password as a security feature.


Enter the domain of the remote machine.

Authentication mode

Select the default authentication mode for new connections.

Auto close on disconnect

The session will automatically close when disconnecting from Remote Desktop Manager.

Use mirror driver

Opens the Mirror Driver tab when using the Mini Remote Control Mirror Driver, display settings are configured on the Mirror Driver tab.

Bypass DMRC saved host settings

Allows you to bybass the DameWare Remote Control saved host settings.

Use MRC Viewer

Use the Mini Remote Control viewer.

Use RDP protocol

Use the Remote Desktop Protocol.

Use VNC Viewer (Linux or MAC)

Use the VNC viewer.