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AWS Console



The Amazon Web Services (AWS) console allows you to perform operations against the different AWS services.


Although multiple services will be supported in the long run, currently only Amazon EC2 is implemented.




Existing AWS account for the services supported by the console and currently valid access keys.




Enter a friendly name for the account and it's access keys.


AWS Console - General tab

AWS Console - General tab

AWS console - general settings





The EC2 tab displays information about your instances, images, security groups and key pairs. The currently supported operations are against instances only.


Start: start a stopped instance

Stop: stop a running instance.

Reboot: reboots a running instance

Terminate: terminate a running instance.


Performing a Stop followed by a Start will cause two hours of billing being charged to your account. One for the fraction you consumed before the Stop, and one for the part after the Start. A reboot on the other hand is seamless in that for the AWS infrastructure, the same machine was kept running. This is why we currently do not display a Rebooting state.