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PowerShell Scripting


Remote Desktop Manager supports Windows PowerShell. PowerShell is a powerful scripting shell that lets administrators automate Remote Desktop Manager. They are provided in a PowerShell module.

Manually Import The PowerShell Module

The Remote Desktop Manager PowerShell Module, which is called RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule.dll, is located in the Remote Desktop Manager installation directory. If you want to manually import the module in another application, for instance PowerShell ISE, you can use the Import-Module CmdLet to load the module. Simply use the following command:

Import-Module "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule.psd1"

If the sample above does not work due to a different Remote Desktop Manager installation directory, simply change ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager for the correct application path.


To list all cmdlet commands, please enter this command:


Get-Command -Module RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule

For more information on those commands, use the following command:


get-help [command name]

Here's how to generate a text file with all the commands:


Get-Command -Module RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule -Type Cmdlet `

  | Sort-Object -Property Name `

  | Format-Table -Property Name `

  | out-file $env:temp\pshelp.txt


Get-Command -Module RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule `

  | ForEach-Object { get-help -name $_.Name -full } `

  | out-file -append $env:temp\pshelp.txt


For further information on the subject, or if you have questions, join us on the forum and our team will be glad to assist you.