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Installation path



Use File - Options - Path - Configure Installation Path to specify the paths for each third party application that we support interfacing with.




Installation path

Installation path


Remote Desktop Manager knows about the default paths and executable names for integrated third parties but we offer support for other scenarios as well:


Non-default Installation of the third party

New versions of the third party

Multiple installations of the third party


Default installation

For each third party application, Remote Desktop Manager will attempt to locate it using default installation paths. Typically as soon as you have a third party application installed using the default settings you should see a message indicating the application is ready.


Application is ready

Application is ready


We also have added a download link for your convenience. Clicking on this link will bring you to the default site where you can locate and download the installer for the third party application.


Certain applications can be installed from Chocolatey directly if the application is present. You just need to click on Install in those situation.


Non-default installation

Click on the ellipsis button to browse for the executable when you have a local installation that is not detected automatically. This will allow you to manually locate and specify the installation path for the third party.


New versions

Some third party applications offer different executable name. You can specify this alternate name by checking the Override default executable and specifying the new name with the file extension.


Override default executable

Override default executable


Multiple installations

Enter both paths separated by a semi-colon (;)


Upon usage of a session that uses that tool, Remote Desktop Manager will prompt you with the selection list and you will be able to pick the one you wish to use.


C:\Program Files\Appsv1;D:\Program Files\Appsv2