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The information tab contains a wide assortment of information on the entry. Some purely informative and some of operational nature. It contains multiple tabs in order to present as much information as possible.






The general tab allows you to specify the computer specific information such as operating system, MAC address and the hardware description. For more information please consult General topic.


General tab




The Hardware tab allows you to specify the hardware information of the remote computer. For more information please consult Hardware topic.





The contact tab displays information on a person that has a link to the entry. It could be the technician managing the remote machine. For more information please consult Contact topic.


Contact Tab




The purchase tab allows you to enter information related to the invoice or the purchase of the equipment. For more information please consult Purchase topic.  





The notes tab contains only one control. A text area where you can enter any information you require.


Custom Fields


The custom tab contains five custom fields. The reason behind having discrete fields is that they are available via Field Variables and can therefore be accessed in sub connections while being defined in the parent connection (see Sub Connections Overview).


For ease of use, the labels can be modified to reflect the data you intend to store in them. Clicking on the label allows you to enter any caption you desire, as you can see in this screen capture where the custom field has been re-labeled PK as it is meant to contain a private key.


Custom Field Tab




The statistics tab simply displays some information on the creation and last modification of the entry. For more information please consult the Statistic topic.


Statistics Tab