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Overview videos present a brief presentation of a product, there is no step-by-step but only explanation of a certain part of our product.




Register your Remote Desktop Manager license

A quick look at how to register your license in Remote Desktop Manager.

The data sources are the heart of Remote Desktop Manager. Here is a quick overview of the most popular data sources that we support.

Register Remote Desktop Manager

A quick look at how to download Remote Desktop Manager and register your license key.

Remote Desktop Manager

A quick overview of Remote Desktop Manager. See how you can easily and securely centralize and consolidate all your remote connections, credentials and passwords.

Create Templates and Default Settings

A quick overview at how to execute and export multiple reports with the option of exporting reports through a command line.

Create Users and Assign Permission

Take a quick look at how to create users for your data base and how to assign specific permission to each user.

Create a folder structure that reflects your organization

An overview at how to create a folder structure that will reflect your organizations.

Simplified Security

Learn how to create roles and permissions for a granular protection system using our Role Based Security System.

Choose your data source

An overview at our multiple data sources and how to select the proper one for you and your enterprise.