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Use the File - Options - General to control application general settings.


Options - General

Options - General







Connection details refresh delay

Delay that occurs after almost every action in Remote Desktop Manager before the currently selected mode is queried to display information in various tabs. Adjust this to adapt to your environment.

Delay the initial connection

Use this option to delay the first connection to the data source if the computer isn't hooked to the network at startup (thin client).

Open connection delay (after ping)

Use this option to delay the opening of a connection after a ping.

Allow multiple connections (Default)

Allows you to open multiple concurrent connections (tabs) to the same session. If not enabled, Open Session will simply set the focus on the existing connection.


Is Online



Check if host is online

Hosts are ping to determine if they are available. Host will be displayed in "red" in the tree view if not available.

Execute automatic check every

Proceed to an automatic check of the host availability every determined laps of time.

Check is online

Select On if you want the application to verify by default if the host is online.

Online detection

If you have selected On in the option Check is online, select the detection mode between ping or port scan.





Clear clipboard delay

Set the delay to empty the clipboard after copying a remote information.

Clipboard secure copy delay

Set the delay before Remote Desktop Manager clears the clipboard. When experiencing issue with the copy/paste the delay for the clipboard might be to short, you can change it to allow more time to proceed with the copy/paste.

Clipboard copy method

Select your copy method between:

Paste once (secure): This is our default method used for the clipboard, it is more secure allowing you to copy once, paste two (copy the credentials, paste the username, paste the password) without having to actually copy twice. For more information please follow this link.

Legacy: Some application has been knows to cause issues with the Paste once (secure) method, if experiencing problems you can revert to the legacy copy/paste method.

Credential copy options

Select which Copy/Paste button options you wish to see in your ribbon.

All: See the Copy Username/Password, the Copy Username and the Copy Password buttons.

Single action: Only see the Copy Username/Password button (single action).

Dual action: Only see the Copy Username button and the Copy Password button (dual action).





Most recently used (max)

Indicate the maximum number of items to display in the list view. The maximum MRU limit is of 200 items. See MRU topic for more information on Most Recently Used.