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Navigation Pane


The Navigation Pane is one of the main components of Remote Desktop Manager user interface. It lists all the available entries in the current data source, and allows to switch to another data source or Vault.

Navigation Pane

Navigation Pane



Data source selector

Allows to switch to another configured data source.

Entry list

Displays the content of the current data source, depending on the selected tab. It allows to select entries and perform action on them.

Vault selector

Allows to switch to another configured Vault in the data source.


Allows to switch to different views of the entry list, such as the Favorite entries or the Opened sessions.

Column Chooser

Choose the columns to display in the tree view. Right-clicking on the column name in the Navigation Pane and select Column Chooser.

Navigation Pane – Column Chooser

Navigation Pane – Column Chooser

For more information on each tab, please consult the following topics:


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