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Macros/Scripts/Tools Command Line



This entry is used to integrate a Windows Command Line. It will execute a command on the local machine.





Command Line - General tab

Command Line - General tab





Indicate the command to be execute.

Assign file icon to session

Will associate the icon of the program to the session.

Window Selector

Open the Command Line Window Selector.

Use Default Working directory

Choose to run from the system default working directory, or specify the working directory.



In the Parameters tab of your session define the parameter type and default value. When opening the session you will be prompted for the parameter values. Write your query with parameter place holders (@Param1 or ? depending on the data provider you are using).


Command Line - Parameters tab

Command Line - Parameters tab


Execution Mode

Command Line - Execution Mode

Command Line - Execution Mode




Execution mode

Select your execution mode between:


Keep Command-Line Opened

Capture output

Wait for application to exit

Runs the script synchronously, this means that the Remote Desktop Manager process will wait for the script to return before resuming execution. This will cause Remote Desktop Manager to be unresponsive while the script runs.

Open embedded/tabbed

Displays the command window in a tab within the application.

Run as Administrator

Elevates the process to run as an administrator.

Run in 64 Bits mode

Runs by using the 64 bit architecture.

Run as different user

Run the process as a different user.

Shell execute

Uses the shell execute mode. Please refer to the Windows documentation.