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Macros/Scripts/Tools AutoHotkey



This entry is used to integrate AutoHotKey freeware tool. It is used for automation, Hotkeys and scripting.




Command file mode

The default mode is to run command files. Simply press the button to select your file.


AutoHotKey -Command File

AutoHotKey -Command File




Launch unconditionally

This is sometimes required because some hooks are not installed to preserve memory. Please consult the AutoHotKey manual.


Restarts the script if it is currently running.

Errors to StdOut

Errors messages are redirected to the standard output instead of displaying dialog.


Parameters to send to your AutoHotKey script.

Working directory

Choose to run from the default working directory of AutoHotKey, or specify the working directory.

Wait for application to exit

Runs the script synchronously, this means that the RDM process will wait for the script to return before resuming execution. This will cause RDM to be unresponsive while the script runs.

Run as Administrator

Elevates the process to run as an administrator.

Run in 64 Bits mode

Runs by using the 64 bit architecture.


Embedded script mode

Choosing the Embedded Script radio button toggles the interface as follows.


AutoHotkey - Embeddd Script

AutoHotkey - Embeddd Script




Local installation of AutoHotKey.