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The session script tools can be either a script, a command line, or a helper applicable to a selected session. Each can be configured and shared in the data source.


They are listed in the dashboard under the Macros/Scripts/Tools section or in the context menu under Macros/Scripts/Tools.


Session tools are commonly used to retrieve information, perform an action, change an item, or change a configuration on the session host. It can also be used to share properties between groups of sessions using PowerShell, PSExec or keyboard macros.


Macros/Scripts/Tools can be used to run against a host as well as run your macro through the RDM Agent.


The Session Variables can be used as parameters for the Macro/Script/Tool.


Macro/Script/Tool Manager


New Macro Entry

New Macro Entry


Please consult Macros/Scripts/Tools Manager topic for more information.


Consult topics below for more details:




Command Line

Database Query

Jitbit Macro Recorder


PowerShell (Local)

PowerShell (Remote)




WASP PowerShell



General Settings


Those settings will be identical for every Macro/Scrip/Tools entry.


Macro/Scrips/Tools General Settings




Allow run via agent

Allows you to launch a script through an Agent.

Automatically open target connection

Force the opening of a connection before executing the macro/script/tool.

Close target connection after connection

Automatically close the connection after executing the macro/script/tool.

Allow batch execute

Allows you to execute the macro on multiple machines at the same time.