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Upgrade from Free Edition to Enterprise Edition


These steps will help you get through the process of upgrading from the Free Edition of Remote Desktop Manager to the Enterprise Edition.


The Enterprise edition allows for a 30-day trial. Since both editions are totally independent from each other and can be operated side-by-side, this means that you can perform this procedure and still benefit of a trial for the Enterprise Edition features prior to making your decision.

File based data sources (XML, SQLite, etc) are by default stored in the configuration folder. As a precaution, go through each data source in File - Data sources and have a look at the local path (if any). Any file that is in the configuration folder must be copied manually.

The paths mentioned in this topic are for those that have installed using the default settings. The best way to locate your configuration folder is to use File - Options - Advanced, in this form you will find an hyperlink near the bottom. This opens your configuration folder. Please ensure you close the application before going further.

1.Install Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise edition. The download location is

2.Launch the Enterprise Edition once to have its own configuration folder initialized, then close it.

3.Open %localappdata%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManagerFree. You will copy files to %localappdata%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager so you may wish to open another explorer window to that location.

4.Copy the following files to the RemoteDesktopManager folder:
Connections.db. (default name of the Local Data Source)
Any and ALL other data source files identified in the Data sources list

5.Rename the copied file to remove the Free suffix.:
RemoteDesktopManagerFree.cfg to RemoteDesktopManager.cfg
RemoteDesktopManagerFree.ext to RemoteDesktopManager.ext

AppData Folder

AppData Folder


Run the Enterprise edition and ensure all of your data sources are available.

Uninstall the Free edition when you are sure that everything is working as expected.