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Create a saved search with Smart Folders


Smart folders are saved searches. You can search by entry name and/or tag. The smart folder lists search results in the dashboard. You can open and edit entries directly from the smart folder. The folder updates dynamically; each time you open the folder it searches.

Add a smart folder

1. Click New Entry.

2. Click Miscellaneous, then select Smart Folder.

3. Enter the name for the smart folder. This is how the smart folder name will appear in the Navigation Pane. It is not for the search terms.

4. Choose the location.

5. Enter a search term and/or a tag.


To search for multiple terms, use:

"&&" for "and"

"||" for "or"


To select tags, click more options and a tag.

Use a smart folder

1. Select the folder in the Navigation Pane.

2. You can work with an entry directly from the search results.

Double-click to open an entry.

Right-click to access actions in the context menu (e.g. View password or Select in dashboard).

The smart folder can be edited. It has the same settings as other entries.