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Add a security provider

We recommend adding a security provider to encrypt other information (e.g. entry configuration, host names etc).




1. Make sure no one else is connected to the data source.

2. Create a backup if you have already added entries.

3. Go to Administration – Security Provider. If you are using Devolutions Password Server the security provider is configured in the console, see XXX.


Security Provider - Administration

Security Provider - Administration


4. Click Change Security Settings.

5. Select the Security type: Shared passphrase or Certificate.

Default is encryption for passwords only.


Add a passphrase

1. Select Shared Passphrase.

2. To set the passphrase, click Apply.

3. Enter the passphrase or use the pasword generator.

4. Re-enter the passphrase in Confirm.

5. Save or print the passphrase and keep it somewhere safe.


Create a passphrase for Security Provider

Create a passphrase for Security Provider


Users need to enter the passphrase when they configure the data source. If you would like them to enter the passphrase each time they connect to the data source, see group policies. Save passphrase in registry is only used with terminal services when multiple people access the passphrase from the same machine.


Learn more about security providers.


If you lose the passphrase, you will lose your information. There will be no way to get the information back.

Keep the passphrase in a safe place.


Add a certificate

1. Select Certificate.

2. To configure the certificate, click Apply.

2. Choose Location: Current User or Local machine.

3. Choose the store.

4. To select an existing certificate for Thumbprint, click more options.

5. If you want to create your own self-signed certificate, click Create Certificate.


Configure Certificate for Secuirty Provider

Configure Certificate for Secuirty Provider