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Get Started with Remote Desktop Manager



Here's a checklist to help you and your team get started with Remote Desktop Manager.


Steps 1-5 configure the foundations of Remote Desktop Manager.

Next, make a custom installation package with these settings (Step 6) and share the *.msi or *.exe with the rest of your team.

Administrators: follow steps 7-10 to manage security and create entries.



Step 1 - Register your license

Step 2 - Add your Data Source (for teams)

Step 3 - Select your Security Provider

Step 4 - Configure Application Options & Default Settings

Step 5 - Create a Custom Installation Package

Step 6 - Data Source Settings (System Settings)

Step 7 - Organize Your Information: Vaults and Folders

Step 8 - Fill Your Vaults: Add Entries and Import Data

Step 9 - Add Roles

Step 10 - Add Users and Assign Them to Roles

Step 11 - Manage Access and Permissions


When adding a Data Source (on Step 2), pay close attention to your choice of settings, as these cannot be modified remotely once you've shared your installation package. For instance, the Caching mode is relevant to using the Offline mode. You should take a moment and think about the needs of your data source and select what is appropriate before moving on to exporting.