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Get Started with Remote Desktop Manager



Here's a checklist to help you and your team get started with Remote Desktop Manager.


Steps 1 -5 configure the foundations of Remote Desktop Manager.

Next, make a custom installation package with these settings (Step 6). Share the msi or exe with the rest of your team.

Administrators: follow steps 7-10 to manage security and create entries.



Step 1 - Register your license

Step 2 - Add your Data Source (for teams)

Step 3 - Select your Security Provider

Step 4 - Configure Application Options & Default Settings

Step 5 - Create a Custom Installation Package

Step 6 - Data Source Settings (System Settings)

Step 7 - Organize Your Information: Vaults and Folders

Step 8 - Fill Your Vaults: Add Entries and Import Data

Step 9  - Add Roles

Step 10 - Add Users and Assign Them to Roles

Step  11 - Manage Access and Permissions