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Create a Custom Installation Package

Let's save the configurations we've completed so far (license, data source, security provider, and settings) and create a custom installation package. The advantage of custom installer package is that when other team members install Remote Desktop Manager, you can be sure everyone has the right configuration.


Make sure to configure custom installation paths and to have verified if your data source supports Offline mode (if desired) before you create the package.



Do not to share your personal credentials or credentials for the data source when making the installation file. Make sure you uncheck the options in the Installer File Generator.



Devolutions Account

You need a Devolutions Account to use the Custom Installer Service. The account is free and available to all Devolutions clients.


How it works

A. Save the installation file (*.rdi).

B. Create the package.

C. Download the installation package (*.exe or *.msi) from Devolutions Customer Portal.

D. Share the custom installation package with your team.


A. Save the installation file

This installation file includes the data source configuration as well as other options you have configured. Save the file as a base configuration so it's available for custom installations in the future. You can use this file to create custom installation packages with newer versions of the application.


1. To export the installation package, click File – Devolutions Account.

2. Click Installer File Generator.

3. Uncheck the options in Registration Information: Name, Email, Key. This information will not be shared in the installation file. Make sure the license serial key is saved in Data Source Settings (System Settings).

5. Do not share your personal credentials or the administrator credentials for the data source. Make sure both Devolutions Account credentials and Include data source credentials are unchecked. Saved templates are locally stored templates, the option is unchecked by default because they may contain credentials.

6. Click Generate to save the file, It saves as an *.rdi file.


Installer File Generator

Installer File Generator


B. Create the package

1. In File – Devolutions Account, click Custom Installer Manager.

2. Click New Package.

3. Choose the version of <%TITLE>.

4. Enter a package name and description, the latter being optional.

5. Choose Using existing Remote Desktop Installer (*.rdi) file.

6. Browse for the *.rdi file we saved before.

7. Click Create.


C. Download the installation package

It's almost ready. The custom installation package can take some time to create. You'll receive an email with the download link once the package is available on Devolutions Account.

Download the package from the website and deploy it to your users.


D. Install the custom package

If a user installs a custom package and they already had an older version of RDM installed, they will see the message below.


This message appears because Remote Desktop Manager creates a new default configuration file during the custom installation.




Use New Configuration (Lose Mine)

The new configuration is used. The old configuration is lost.

Retrieve New Registration Only

RDM uses the new serial key in the new configuration file, but retains the other options from the old configuration.


The old configuration is used.