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Add Users and Assign Them to Roles


The instructions below are to manually add users. If you are using Devolutions Password Server, you can synchronize users with Active Directory.


Add Users

1. In the Administration tab, under the Management section, click Users.

2. Click Add User.

3. Select the Authentication type to choose the type of credentials people use to connect to the data source. If you are not using Integrated Security with Active Directory, we recommend Custom Login. A custom login creates a seperate login for Remote Desktop Manager, preventing users from connecting directly to the database.

4. Enter a Username.

5. Enter a password (if not using Integrated Security). It can be a temporary password: Check User must change password at next logon.

6. Select a User Type: Administrator, User, Restricted user, Read-only user. With Restricted User you can give permissions to add, edit, delete, etc.

7. Select a User license type. Default is Connection Management is for users who open remote connections (e.g. RDP or SSH sessions).


Add User - User Management Properties

Add User - User Management Properties


Assign Users to Roles

You only need to assign users to custom roles. If you are using Devolutions Password Server and Active Directory Groups you do not need to manually assign users to roles.


1. On the Administration tab, click Roles.

2. Click Assign Users to Roles.

3. Select users and check the user Is Member of the role.


Role Assignment in User and Security Management

Role Assignment in User and Security Management