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Add Roles

Remote Desktop Manager has role-based access control. Roles provide granular control over what users in that role can see and do. All restrictions are enforced through permissions attributed to a specific role.


If you are using Devolutions Password Server, you can synchronize roles with Active Directory groups.

Add Roles

1. On the Administration tab, click Roles.

2. Click Add Role.

3. Enter a role Name and optional Description.


Give roles access to vaults

Use roles to manage who can see the vault. Members of the role will see the vault. Everyone else will not see the vault. You can use permissions to manage what the roles can do in the vault.


1. On the Administration tab, click Vaults.

2. To edit a vault's properties, click the pencil.

3. Click Roles.

4. Check Is Member.


Assign roles and users to vaults in Vault Management

Assign roles and users to vaults in Vault Management


Why can't members of the role see the vault?


New databases have restricted access turned on by default. It means that all permissions are set to never. You need to give users permission to view the vault. Learn more in Manage Access and Permissions.


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Create users and assign them to the roles

Give roles permissions