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Add Entries and Import Data

It's time to fill the Vaults with entries. Remote Desktop Manager includes over 150 types of entry. Entries include information for different uses: remote connections, credentials, VPNs, Documents, Scripts and more.


Add an entry

1. On the Edit tab, click New Entry.


Edit - New Entry

Edit - New Entry


2. Choose an entry type.

3. You can sort through the entry list with the filtering field.

4. Enter information about the entry. Not all the information is required. Common configurations are:

a)Folder: Choose where the entry is saved. This default setting is your current selection in the Tree view.

b)Display: Choose how an entry opens (e.g. Embedded (tabbed), Undocked or External)


Default: Enter the username and password on the entry

Inherited: Inherits credentials from a higher folder.

Credential repository: choose from credentials in the Vault or prompt on connection with a list. A good option if you save shared credentials in specific folders.


Entry Properties

Entry Properties


5. There are common settings for every entry (e.g. permissions, VPN, logs) that customize entries.


Import information

Remote Desktop Manager imports from third-party applications, including RDP configurations, KeePass, LogMeIn and many more.


1. To import, click File – Import.

2. Choose the application you are importing information from.

3. The import wizard guiding you through the rest of the process varies depending on the source application. The entries are imported into the current Vault.


Learn More

Here is an example step-by-step guide and video: Import accounts from KeePass.