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Custom Installer Option Selection Dialog



When generating the installer file, you must decide what to include in the configuration. This process will replicate the configuration of the Remote Desktop Manager instance currently used, and will generate an installer file (*.rdi). Once it has been generated, the installer file can be used as many times as needed to create custom installers. For security reasons, some settings that may contain credentials, such as Saved Templates, are disabled by default. Enable these with care.


The same dialog is used for the Custom Installer service and for exporting Remote Desktop Manager configuration file. Some options must NOT be used for the Custom Installer Service to prevent sharing credentials that must stay confidential. Please read the documentation carefully.

Remote Desktop Manager may install required add-ons automatically when it detects that they are needed (configured in Application Start). If you need to customize the application's installation path of an Add-on, you must perform the modification, then create the installation package. This setting will be replicated in the installer file (*.rdi).




You can open the Installer File Generator from File - Cloud Account - Installer File Generator.


Installer File Generation

Installer File Generation


Registration information


Installer File Generator - Registration Information

Installer File Generator - Registration Information





Company registration name.


Registration email if using a generic address.


License serial.




Do not redistribute the Devolutions Cloud credentials. Doing so would share these to ALL users having access to the online account used to create the installer package.

All Local templates will be included. If any contain credentials, it may cause a security risk. Ensure you are sharing only what is needed.

The data sources you decide to redistribute should NOT contain identifiable credentials. Use of integrated security is highly recommended. You can also use environment variables for the username.


Installer File Generator - Micellaneous

Installer File Generator - Micellaneous




Saved installation paths

Preserves your installation paths configured for external third party applications. Use this only when all of the user's machines use the same paths.

Saved templates

Includes your local templates in the custom installer. Shared templates are stored in the data source and may be a better option in you need to share them.

Filter history

Preserves your search/filter history

Proxy settings

Includes your Internet proxy settings

Devolutions Cloud credentials

Includes your Devolutions Cloud credentials used to create the custom installer. Please, consult security warning above.

Include data source credentials

Includes the credentials for all selected data sources below. Please, consult security warning above.


Data sources


Data Source List

Data Source List


Select the data sources that must be included in the configuration. In the description column you will see details about each data sources. You must share ONLY data sources that are either using Integrated Security, or that are using an environment variable for the username. Passwords for accessing a data source should NEVER be shared.