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How to Configure ScreenConnect 5 in Remote Desktop Manager



It's possible to use ScreenConnect in Remote Desktop Manager, however a ScreenConnect extension needs to be installed prior to the utilization. After the extension installation, you can configure ScreenConnect 5 in Remote Desktop Manager.


The Remote Desktop Manager extension needs to be installed on your ScreenConnect server.




1.Connect on ScreenConnect server and click on Admin.

Admin tab

2.Click on Extensions in the Administration section and select Browse Online Extensions.


3.Install Remote Desktop Manager Extension

Remote Desktop Manager Extension

4.Now that the extension is installed, you can create your ScreenConnect session. In the Settings tab, change the version for Extension (Version 5 or higher)


5.You can also select Default in the drop down list instead of Extension (Version 5 or higher). If you select Default, you'll need to configure the ScreenConnect version that you wish to use in File - Options- Types - ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect option

ScreenConnect option