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How to Send an Error Report


When an application error occurs in Remote Desktop Manager, you can send the error report to the Devolutions' support team.

The strength of Remote Desktop Manager comes in great part from its community of users and we depend on you to not only send in those reports, but to do it with as much information as possible. We often already have the solution, so please use your real email address.


1.An error dialog appears in Remote Desktop Manager.

Error Message dialog

Error Message dialog


2.To see more information regarding the error click on Details.




3.To send in the report, press Send Error Report

Send Error Report

Send Error Report


4.Fill in your information and add as many details as you can before pressing Send such as:

It's really important that you enter your email address, name and company name before you send the report, so that the Devolutions support team can contact you.

The feature that you were using;

The steps that you performed to get the error;

Has this error occurred more than once;

Are you the only one in your team to have the error; etc.