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The Clipboard section of the Home tab allows the user to copy entry data to the clipboard such as:





Host Name



Home - Clipboard

Home - Clipboard


With Advanced Data Sources, the administrator can control the Copy Password availability from the Data Source Settings.


For security reasons, the clipboard content is cleared after 10 seconds. This delay can be configured in the applciation options. For more information, please consult the Options - General topic.


The remaining time before the clipboard is cleared is displayed at the bottom-right corner of the application.


Clear Clipboard Notification

Clear Clipboard Notification


Copy Username and Password

The Copy Username & Password copies both the username and the password in a single action. The content of the clipboard can then be pasted in two step, pasting first the username, then the password. Once the data has been pasted, it is cleared from the clipboard automatically.



Copy Username

Copy the entry username to the clipboard.


Username Clipboard Notification

Username Clipboard Notification


Copy Password

Copy the entry password to the clipboard.


Password Clipboard Notification

Password Clipboard Notification


The password to clipboard feature must be enabled in order to be accessible. Check "Allow copy credentials to clipboard" for the given session.


Copy Host Name

Copy the entry host name to the clipboard.


Copy URL

Copy the entry URL define to the clipboard.


Copy Domain

Copy the entry domain to the clipboard.



It is possible to copy/paste entries as well. The complete XML structure of the entry is copied and can be pasted in another data source.


When using an Advanced Data Source, users must have Add right and Export privilege to be able to copy/paste entries.


Copy Options - Settings

Copy Options - Settings


Copy Option - Preview XML Structure

Copy Option - Preview XML Structure